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Home Elevator Design Options

The possibility of design is limited only by the imagination. In our experience, homeowners and architects choose either to make the elevator an architectural centerpiece, fusing edgy design with leading-edge technology, or to seamlessly match the elevator to the home’s décor, even inconspicuous. Whatever your preference, designing a home elevator to reflect your sense of style will ensure it remains a pleasure for many years to come.

The process of designing your residential elevator can be simple and rewarding. To facilitate the process DME operates two Design Centers, giving you the opportunity to see and feel the materials and finishes to be featured in your elevator. We have elevator advisors on staff who would be delighted to walk through these options towards customizing an elevator for you.

As a reference guide, we also provide an overview below of key design options available to the homeowner. These are by no means exhaustive, rather these give you a sense of breadth and depth of options. Given our extensive experience, we can also share with you additional options which we highlight in Custom Upgrades.

Elevator Car Panels
Typically elevator design begins with selection of panels including one or a combination of wood, glass and mirrors. With a wide variety of species and finishes available, typical panel styles including flat veneer, Shaker, recessed and raised. Completed car examples are shown below:

Home Elevator Car Panels

Unfinished samples below provide a closer look at the Shaker, recessed and raised panels options.

Elevator Panel Options

Wood Species and Finishes
A wide variety of wood species can be selected, again to highlight your sense of style, complemented with a finish. A few options include, but are not limited to, Oak, White Oak, Birch, Maple, Adler, Cherry, Walnut, Hickory and Mahogany. Several species and stain options are highlighted below.

Home Elevator Wood Species and Stain

Car operating panel (C.O.P.), recessed telephone cabinet, hall calls and handrails, come in stainless steel, brass, bronze, nickel and other metals with an assortment of finishes such as polished, brushed, oil rubbed and specialty finishes. Below are operating panels, telephone cover and hall calls in a sample of metallic finishes.

Home Elevator Metal Fixtures Options

Typical optional lighting is recessed LED lights with a metal finish. As with wood panels, please note, we can incorporate virtually any lighting preference in your elevator car. Below are examples of recessed LED light options.

Symmetry Elevator LED Light Trim Options

Lights are often configured in wood panel ceilings with two or four lights as displayed below.

Home Elevator Ceiling Panel Options

Doors & Gates
Options highlighted below include accordion gates, scissor gates and sliding doors, examples of which are provided below. There are, however, dozens of styles available in addition to custom colors and finishes.

Residential Elevator Gates

There’s a wide variety of accordion gates available ranging from natural hardwood to vinyl laminate and acrylic panels. All hardwood and vinyl laminates are laminated to a 1/4” medium density fiberboard core. Natural hardwood is sealed with a protective clear lacquer or can be left unfinished.  Below are hardwood, laminate, acrylic and aluminum options, plus connector and hinge colors. 

Residential Elevator Accordian Gate Options
Residential Elevator Gate Options 2

Residential Elevator Gate Options 3

Power Gate Operator
The power gate operator offers the convenience of opening and closing the accordion gate automatically. As an added feature the outer door can be fitted with a power opener such that both the accordion and door open simultaneously and without effort.

Design Options Summary
Use these examples as a starting point. As you can see here and in Custom Upgrades, the strong design will make the difference in your home. Once more, simply call us to discuss or set an appointment to visit our Design Center for a walkthrough with our experienced advisors.

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