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Dumbwaiters can help anyone transport items from floor to floor. We provide residential and commercial dumbwaiters to suit professional, private, and public applications.

Our Dumbwaiters

We select our dumbwaiter models from top manufacturers, including Fox Valley Elevator and Matot, for quality, reliability, and ability to suit a wide variety of applications.

Residential Dumbwaiters

Dumbwaiters are designed for non-passenger vertical transportation. They allow you to easily move laundry, groceries, suitcases, and other heavy or bulky items through your home.

Multiple layout configurations, load size, and weight rating options are available to fit your needs and your home, and we provide pre-engineered standard sizes for fast delivery and short lead times. Working with your general contractor and DME, together we can find the right dumbwaiter for you.

Features of our residential dumbwaiters include:

Commercial Dumbwaiters

Commercial dumbwaiters are intended for public, private, and industrial settings, including:

Dumbwaiters are designed for non-passenger vertical transportation. They are particularly useful when passenger elevators are not feasible due to site constraints or budget concerns.

Many layout configurations, load size, and weight rating options are available to uniquely fit each application.

Features of our commercial dumbwaiters include:

Make Life More Accessible With a Dumbwaiter

For more information about installing a dumbwaiter in your home or business, contact us or request a free, on-site assessment today.

Our Service Areas

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If you’re considering installing a dumbwaiter, we encourage you to visit us at one of our showrooms to learn more.

Appointments are encouraged so we can ensure an advisor is available to greet you and answer any questions you may have.

The DME Difference

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DME employees are fully trained and familiar with the communities they serve. We never hire subcontractors.

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We’ve selected only the most reliable lifting products from industry-leading manufacturers for your comfort, safety, and peace of mind.

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When you choose us for your lifting solutions, we offer regular maintenance and service when you need it to keep your equipment running smoothly and safely.

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We’ve been serving our customers since 1977, so you know you’re working with only the most knowledgeable employees and technicians.

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