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Curved Stair Lifts Installation & Repair in Illinois, Indiana, and Wisconsin

There’s no need to move into a single-level dwelling when you can love every level of your home with a custom stair lift from DME Elevators & Lifts. We install high-quality stair lifts tailored to fit any curved staircase—no matter how complex.

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Highlights of Curved Stair Lifts

Today your curved staircase might look like a challenge—but we’re here to make that challenge a breeze. Every curved stair lift is expertly crafted to fit the architecture and curvature of your staircase.

Enjoy the ride with notable highlights like:

High-Quality Standards

DME Elevators & Lifts ensures that every curved stairlift meets our safety standards. Our chairlifts are tested for key elements such as smooth gliding action, swivel seats, battery backup, secure safety controls, professional installation, and more.

Custom Fit

A curved stairlift that doesn’t fit your staircase can be a recipe for disaster. It’s unsafe and can leave you in dangerous situations. You should avoid the risks that come with hiring third-party installers. Our certified technicians are trained to expertly install straight and curved stairlifts.

Easy-To-Use Controls

Our stairlifts are designed with your comfort in mind. The armrest and remote controls move the stairlift from one landing to another. Foldable arms, seats, and footrests help save space when the stairlift is not in use. Many lifts also come with added power features which make stairlifts simple and easy to use for those with mobility issues.

Safety Features

Safety is our top priority—that’s why our stair lifts include safety sensors, seat belts, and swivel options designed to provide secure control for a smooth, worry-free ride.

Curved Stair Lift Features

We install stairlifts that you’ll look forward to using. The small details on our stairlifts play a significant role. Let’s take a look at some features that can make a big impact on your curved stairlift experience.

Wide, Cushioned Seat

Nobody wants to sit in an uncomfortable seat. After all, you’ll be using your stairlift all the time. Our stairlift seats are cushioned for maximum comfort. We also carry models that can accommodate users up to 400 lbs.

Powered Options

For those requiring more assistance and security, you should consider a stairlift with a powered footrest and a power swivel. This will give you peace of mind that your stairlift is safe and easy to use for all users.

Obstruction Sensor

A sensor will bring your lift to a stop if it senses anything blocking its path, so you can safely ride your stair lift.

Retractable Seatbelt

Safety first. Take the worry out of climbing your stairlift and safely strapped in with a comfort-designed retractable seatbelt.

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FAQs About Curved Stair Lifts

How Much Does a Curved Stair Lift Cost?

Curved stairlifts are tailored to fit your staircase. Typically, curved stairlifts cost anywhere between $10,000 to $15,000. Make sure to ask about our pre-owned options.

Do Curved Stair Lifts Have Warranties?

Yes, our curved stairlifts come with a Limited Lifetime Warranty for all major components.

Are My Stairs Right for a Curved Stair Lift?

Any staircase that takes a turn is eligible for a curved stairlift. This includes stairs that are steep, narrow, long, or short. Your lift will be custom-made to ensure it properly fits the staircase in your home. Curved stairlifts can also be installed for stairs with intermediate landings.

Why Should I get a Curved Stair Lift?

A curved stairlift guarantees years of living your life to the fullest in your own home.

Conquer Your Curved Staircase with DME Elevators & Lifts

Curved stairlifts are unique—just like you. When you choose to work with DME Elevators & Lifts, you’re choosing excellence in elevation. Our team has been changing lives and transforming how people move for 45 years. Get the freedom you deserve and schedule a free in-home assessment with one of our expert advisors.

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