Stair Lifts, Home Elevators, and Wheelchair Lifts in Waukegan, IL

As we age, mobility can become more and more challenging, and a stair climber can make life a whole lot easier. These days, there are modern, efficient, and adaptable stair lift solutions that can suit any staircase configuration. DME Elevators & Lifts provides expert stair lift, home elevator, and wheelchair lift solutions for all your mobility needs in Waukegan, IL.

DME Elevators & Lifts has been installing stair lifts and residential elevators in Waukegan, IL homes for a very long time. We started this journey back in 1977, and we have continued to build our business through the solid reputation that we work hard to develop on a day-to-day basis. The technicians that represent us in the field are highly trained, experienced professionals, so your lift will be installed with precision. When it comes to stair chairs, we work with the leading stairlift companies, Stannah & Bruno. They have been providing state-of-the-art chairlifts for decades, and they have various different models that can suit any installation project.

A stair chair can be the right choice when certain circumstances exist, but there are other options available. Our company also sources top-quality wheelchair lifts. These lifts, alternately referred to as vertical platform lifts, can provide a solution for Waukegan, IL residents who need improved wheelchair access.

Residential Elevators for Waukegan, Illinois Homeowners

Our company offers comprehensive mobility solutions, including home elevators. We understand that Waukegan is one of the oldest communities in Illinois near Chicago and DME has the experience and delicate touch to work with historic buildings respectfully.  A residential elevator can get make moving from floor to floor effortless.  Though the value of a home elevator as a response to a mobility issue is self-evident, a residential elevator can also be a home improvement that can provide benefits for just about anyone.

In addition to our home elevators, we also install high-quality LULA elevators into commercial structures.

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When you are suddenly faced with a mobility challenge, you have to take action sooner rather than later. The stair chair assessment and installation process is easier and more efficient than many people realize. After we do a stair lift installation, customers often tell us that they should have acted sooner.

If you are ready to put the worry behind you, contact our Lake County lift experts to schedule an in-home assessment. There is no obligation to go forward, so there are no risks involved. Whether you are North or South of Grand Avenue we are ready to help solve your lift needs.  We can be reached by phone at 630-892-7400.