Do I Need A Chicago Stair Lift For Seniors?

The Chicago Stair Lift Is The Answer For The Person Who Cannot Use Stairs

A stairlift is the answer to the handicapped person's need to travel stairs from one floor to another. The Chicago Stair Lift is the ideal solution. If you have difficulty climbing stairs, or going down stairs to the basement, in your Chicago home, then the Chicago Stair Lift is the economical solution for you. The stairlift is a chair that is securely mounted to a track and it moves the rider up or down the distance of the stairs. The rider is in complete control of the movement of the chair with the use of either a remote control device or a control built into the arm rest. Battery power takes over when there is a power outage so the chair will continue to function.

The stairlift Chicago is the most dependable chairlift on the market. This chairlift is great for anyone who feels that climbing stairs is a challenge. The chairlift is the answer for anyone who finds it difficult reach the second floor or the basement. A person does not need to be handicapped to enjoy the use of this marvelous equipment. The stairlift can be used by a person who weighs up to 300 pounds, and models are available for people who weigh more.

The Chicago Stair Lift is widely recognized for high-quality engineering and rigid control of the manufacturing process. A stable and smooth ride is provided by the design features. The seat is plush and it can be adjusted for the comfort of the rider. Another important design feature is the offset swivel seat which enables the rider to easily get on and off. The stairlift is equipped with a footrest that will ensure that the rider will be able to keep their feet away from the steps. The footrest, arm rests, and the seat all fold up when not in use which makes this equipment unobtrusive.

The Chicago Stair Lift safety features include obstruction sensors, a seat belt, and a device to ensure the stairlift does not start or stop abruptly. These features are designed to ensure the maximum safety of the rider.

Several design features make servicing the stairlift easy. The prime objective of our service department is to ensure the stable and secure lift of the rider. Service calls are a high priority. You will find that the Chicago Stair Lift rarely if ever needs service.

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