What to Do When Your Stair Lift is No Longer Needed

What to do when your stairlift is no longer needed

Stair lifts are essential in helping your home be accessible for those with mobility difficulties. However, there may come a time when a stair lift is no longer needed, whether because the family member moves to asset living, relocates to a different home, or passes away.

If you find yourself wondering what to do with a stair lift that is no longer needed, there are options. From donating it to charity to selling it back to where you bought it from, there is a way to get rid of a stair lift when it is no longer needed.

What Are the Options to Sell My Stair Lift?

Buying Back a Stair Lift 

The best and easiest route to go is to contact the company that you purchased the stair lift from originally. Many of these companies offer a buy-back program. To determine the worth of the stair lift it will depend on certain criteria such as the age, make, model, and condition of the lift.  These programs are also important to understand when initially buying a stairlift, especially if you know the lift may only be needed for a short period. You can also rest assured that the lift will be professionally removed, and the trained technicians will take special care when in your home. Buybacks are typically only eligible on stair lifts that the dealer originally installed

Selling It Online

Try to avoid online marketplaces if you can as there are too many issues that may arise. . You might not get an accurate pricing quote, or the person you are selling to may not be reputable, and the deal may fall through. Plus, there is the question of who will professionally remove your stair lift to ensure minimal damage and disruption to the staircase around it.

Donating Your Stair Lift 

You can also donate your stairlift to charity. Many local and state charities are looking for good used mobility lifts. A perk is that they often will go to your residence to remove and pick up the stair lift—which means less work on your end. Some charities that accept stair lifts are:

  • Wounded Warriors
  • ALS Association
  • Cancer Society
  • Alzheimer’s Association
  • Stairlift for Vets

If you do choose to donate your stair lift, keep a receipt from whoever accepts it since it can be used as a tax deduction when the time comes to file your yearly taxes. 

Professional Removal

You might also be wondering if you can remove a stair lift yourself. It’s best to call in a professional to do so since stair lifts are complex to remove efficiently and without any damage. The good news is that many companies offer professional removal services for your stair lift, although some may offer them for a fee. Call back the company who first installed it and see if they will remove it. 

How Can DME Elevators & Lifts Help

Have peace of mind that our removal services are just as high-quality as our installations. We’ll work with you so you can enjoy complete transparency and satisfaction throughout the entire process—from a pricing quote to the speed of getting your stairlift removed. At this time we only offer removal and buyback service on Stannah and Bruno stairlifts that we installed. 

Get in Touch with a Trusted Local Stair Lift Company

When it comes to getting rid of a used stair lift, there are many options available. Your best bet is to contact a local, professional stair lift dealer to help you get it removed. That’s where DME Elevators & Lifts comes in. Since 1977, we have been dedicated to excellence in elevation. This means offering the best lift products and services, and lift removals for stair lifts we originally installed in Illinois, Wisconsin, or Indiana. Simply give us a call to learn more.

Why People Choose DME Elevators & Lifts

We’ve Been in Business Since 1977

We’ve been in business for well over 45 years, making us experts in all things elevation. From home elevators to outdoor stair lifts, rest assured we have all the answers to all your stair lift questions.

We Only Work With Long-Standing, Reputable Providers

Because we’ve been around for a while, we’ve been able to determine which lift providers are the best in the business. That means we have the expert knowledge needed to give you the most accurate information. 

We’re Dedicated To Your Project

At DME Elevators & Lifts, you always come first. We have a dedicated team of experienced advisors, project managers, and technicians in-house. We often get five-star reviews commending the DME Elevators & Lift team for their outstanding customer service and knowledge. 

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