The Stair Lift Installation Process

Stair Lift Installation and Repair Experts
Stair Lift Installation and Repair Experts

Installing a stair lift is a simple, popular way to increase accessibility in homes and certain public places. Stair lifts take only a few hours to install, and they allow people with limited mobility to regain their independence and access to multi-level buildings. To protect the user of the stair lift, stair lifts should only be installed by certified, trained professionals. Here are the steps of stair lift installation from pre-installation considerations to post-installation maintenance.

Pre-Installation Considerations

The first step in getting a stair lift installed is to have your home evaluated by an accessibility expert. They will consider your staircase, your living space, and your mobility needs to determine the best type of stair lift for you.

Here are some questions you should consider:

  • What has made the stairs difficult to climb? We can install a stair lift with features and options to meet your specific mobility needs.
  • Do you live alone or with family members? We’ll ensure that your stairs are accessible for everyone in your home.
  • What goal are you looking to accomplish with the installation of a stair lift? Are you looking to regain access to an upper level of your home, a lower level, or your backyard? We’ll help you select a stair lift to achieve your goal.

After selecting the right kind of stair lift based on your mobility needs and living situation, we will take the following measurements:

  • Width of the staircase
  • Length of the staircase
  • Tread construction
  • Number of steps
  • Height and weight of the user

Stair lifts are attached to the stairs rather than the wall. The rail of your stair lift can be mounted onto most types of stair treads.

Finally, we will assess the top and bottom landing areas of your staircase. Stair lift installation requirements include having a 110-volt outlet near the staircase, as stair lifts are battery-powered and need to be plugged in to charge when not in use. When inspecting the landings, we can also see if additional options like a power swivel seat or a folding rail are necessary to provide the safest, most comfortable ride.

Preparing for Stair Lift Installation

Preparation for stair lift installation is simple, but it differs slightly between straight and curved stair lifts. Our team will handle most of the preparations. However, if you are able, it is helpful to clear away any obstructions near your staircase before the day of installation.

Straight Stair Lift Prep

We can install your straight stair lift as soon as we set up a day and time that is convenient for you. We have a variety of models in stock. 

Curved Stair Lift Prep

Because curved stair lifts are fully customized to your staircase, the timeline for installation is a bit longer. First, additional measurements of your staircase will be taken using a photosystem and specialized camera. These measurements will then be sent to the stair lift manufacturer. It usually takes about five weeks for the manufacturer to build your custom curved stair lift.

We will keep in touch with you while your stair lift is being built and notify you when it’s ready for installation.

Stair Lift Installation

Stair lift installation is a simple, one-day process, and it will be completed by our certified and factory-trained technicians.

What Happens on the Day of Install?

On the day of installation, our local, in-house technicians will prepare your star lift and let you know when we’re on our way to your home.

How Is a Stair Lift Installed?

When our technicians arrive, they will prep all the stair lift components and begin the installation process. The stair lift rail is attached to the stairs with clamps for a safe, smooth ride.

We recommend that you wait in a separate room while your stair lift is being installed, as there will be some noise from drilling. The technician will also need some space to work. 

How Long Does Stair Lift Installation Take?

The installation of a stair lift usually takes two to six hours, depending on the length and configuration of your staircase and the type of stairlift being installed.


Once our technicians have double-checked that your stair lift has been installed properly, they will clean up the area, and then you can test out your new stair lift.

Demonstrating How To Use Your Stair Lift

We want to make sure you’re 100% comfortable using your stair lift. When you’re testing your stair lift, feel free to ask our technicians any questions you may have. They’ll make sure you know how to operate the lift and are aware of all its safety features.

Service & Maintenance After Installation

When you choose DME Elevators & Lifts for stair lift installation, you receive continued service and maintenance from our professional technicians. Our maintenance plans comply with the manufacturer’s warranty to extend the life of your lift and ensure you are covered for years to come.

As a priority maintenance customer, your lift will be inspected, cleaned, and lubricated during regularly scheduled tune-ups for the safety, comfort, and peace of mind you deserve.

DIY vs. Professional Stair Lift Installation

While it may be tempting to purchase a stair lift and try to install it on your own to save money, this can put the user’s safety at risk and end up costing you money in the long run. 

Professional stair lift installers are factory-trained, certified, and have the experience to safely and properly install your lift according to manufacturer instructions. Installing a stair lift yourself is not only dangerous for the person using it, but it can also void the manufacturer’s warranty and prevent you from getting the maintenance and repair you need.

Stair Lift Installation FAQs

Can I Install a Stair Lift Myself?

It is not recommended to try to install a stair lift yourself. Some states require special licensing and training to ensure safe stair lift installation. DME’s stair lift installers are professionally trained to ensure the safe installation and use of your stair lift.

How Much Does It Cost To Have a Stair Lift Installed?

The biggest factor in the cost of stair lift installation is whether your staircase is straight or curved. Because curved stair lifts come fully custom, they are more expensive than straight stair lifts. Other factors in the cost are rail configuration, staircase length, location, and upgrade options.

Where Can a Stair Lift Be Installed?

Stair lifts can be installed virtually anywhere. Some common locations are:

  • Homes, both indoors and outdoors
  • Condos
  • Churches and schools

Does My Home Need To Be Modified For a Stair Lift To Be Installed?

No. We install stair lifts to fit directly into your home without disrupting your interior. The rail is mounted to your stairs, not the wall.

Can Other People Use the Stairs After the Lift Is Installed?

Yes. The seat, footrest, and other components of the chair fold up when the lift is parked at the top and bottom of the staircase. This leaves enough space for others to walk up and down the stairs.

Ensure a Smooth Stair Lift Installation Experience

If you’re considering installing a stair lift, choose DME Elevators & Lifts for the peace of mind you deserve. We provide straight and curved stair lifts, stair lift rentals, used straight stair lifts, and more to help you safely and comfortably age in place in your home. Our technicians are local, in-house, and factory-trained for dependable stair lift installation, service, and maintenance.

For a free, in-home estimate, contact us today.

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