Stair Lift Rentals in Illinois, Wisconsin, & Indiana

DME Elevators & Lifts offers stair lift rentals as a service to our customers.

Renting a stair lift can be a sensible option for any number of reasons. Some customers have a short-term need, while others cannot say how long they’ll need a stair lift for their home. Some customers appreciate the lower monthly payment, while others would like to try the stair lift in their home and confirm it is the best choice before they buy.

Make life more accessible with a stair lift rental. Our licensed technicians are ready to help you regain your independence.

4 Benefits of Stair Lift Rentals

Flexible Rental Term Length

DME offers affordable rentals for as little as three months. If needed longer, simply rent on a month-to-month basis thereafter for as long as you’d like. Should you decide to keep the stair lift, we will provide you with affordable purchase options.

Installation, repair service, taxes, and removal are all included in the rental fee. We will walk you through all the details and answer any questions you may have. Rest assured, there are no hidden fees.

Our rental stair lifts are the most modern straight stair lift models available today and include all the current safety features and functionality as standard. Many of our rentals are new, right out of the box, and never having been used. These chairs are a reliable and safe option for you and your family.

The cost of the rental depends on the staircase, primarily the length of rail required to span your staircase. We can provide you with an estimated rental cost during a quick phone conversation. However, to finalize a quote for you, we’d need to survey the staircase through a free in-home consultation. This will ensure an exact fit.

Make Life More Accessible With a Stair Lift Rental

Want more info on stair lift rentals? Contact one of our experienced advisors to learn more.

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