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With its charming blend of farms, forests, and the Fox River Valley, Waukesha has made its mark as a unique place to call home. Boasting a population of nearly six million people state-wide, it’s no wonder why so many individuals are drawn to America’s dairyland. In fact, Wisconsin is proud to be the home of over one million people aged 60 and above, accounting for an impressive 25% of the state’s total population.

With a growing number of seniors choosing to age in place, the need for accessible homes continues to increase Whether you’re a long-time resident or considering retiring in Waukesha, DME Elevators & Lifts ensures you can age in place without worry.

Stair Lift Types for Installation in Waukesha, WI

Stair lifts come in various shapes and sizes. 

Aging in place has never been easier. Find out which one is right for you by contacting an accessibility advisor. Our unmatched expertise ensures you’ll rediscover your independence.


Straight Stair Lifts

Among the most popular and straightforward lifts available, straight stair lifts are an excellent addition to your Waukesha, Wisconsin home.


Curved Stair Lifts

Curved stair lifts provide seamless mobility within your home. They’re customized to fit the unique curvature of your staircase without any need for modification.

outside stair lift

Outdoor Stair Lifts

Take your independence to the great outdoors. Our outdoor stair lifts are designed to withstand extreme weather conditions, including high winds, hail, and snow.

Swivel Char Used Stair Lifts

Used Stair Lifts

Our used stair lifts are ideal for those on a budget. All used lifts from DME Elevators & Lifts come with a warranty, providing you with quality and reliability at an affordable price.

Straight stair lift for rent

Rental Stair Lifts

Just had surgery? If you’re temporarily experiencing limited mobility due to surgery or injury, our stair lift rentals offer a practical and flexible solution.


Wheelchair Lift Services

Wheelchairs are sometimes cumbersome, which makes navigating multiple floors downright impossible. While moving around the house with a wheelchair can be challenging, our specialists are here to help. Whether you need a lift between floors or a solution for accessing your front door, our experts offer guidance and support to help you navigate your Waukesha home with ease.

Home Elevator Services

At DME Elevators & Lifts, we’re dedicated to making your Waukesha home fully accessible and accommodating for the entire household. Our home elevator services provide a seamless and elegant solution to move between different levels of your home with ease and comfort. 

The DME team will work closely with you to design and install a home elevator that blends with your home’s existing aesthetics and functionality.

Elevators and Lifts in Illinois
Dumbwaiter Lift in Illinois

Dumbwaiter Services

Need a convenient way to transport items between floors? Consider a dumbwaiter from DME Elevators & Lifts. Our residential and commercial dumbwaiters are designed to move anything from grocery bags to laundry, providing an easy way to move your essentials from floor to floor.

Why Choose a Lift From DME Elevators & Lifts

We provide stair lifts Waukesha residents can depend on. See why Wisconsin homeowners have been choosing DME Elevators & Lifts since 1977:

45+ Years of Experience

With decades of experience under our belts, we’re experts in providing mobility solutions that cater to your accessibility needs.

Fast Turnaround Times

Thanks to our fast and efficient services, a stair lift can help you can regain your independence in as little as one to two days.

Free In-Home Estimates

Find the best accessibility solution for your Waukesha home with a free in-home assessment. An accessibility advisor will visit your home and provide you with a transparent estimate.

Ready to Get Moving in Waukesha?

Frequently Asked Questions

A straight stair lift typically costs between $3,500 and $5,500 while curved stair lifts, which are fully customized, can range from $8,500 to $15,000.

The cost of a home elevator varies based on its drive, configuration, site preparation, and optional upgrades. Expect prices to start at $30,000.

Unfortunately, health insurance typically does not cover stair lifts, elevators, dumbwaiters, or wheelchair lifts. If you’re interested in a lift, please reach out to our accessibility experts to explore your financing options in Waukesha.

It depends on your situation. Keep in mind that temporary stair lifts are not suitable for curved staircases, only straight ones.

Not at all! Our elevators and lifts are designed to be operated with ease. Talk to an advisor to learn more about customizable features that can be tailored to your needs

Absolutely not. Our stair lifts are installed without disrupting your home’s surroundings. No overhauls or tricky renovations are required.

Depending on the lift, your stair lift installation typically takes around three hours. Contact us for more accurate time estimates regarding your stair lift, home elevator, dumbwaiter, or wheelchair lift.

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You don’t have to overcome mobility issues alone. At DME Elevators & Lifts, we’re passionate about improving lives and providing mobility solutions for our Waukesha residents. Whether you need a stair lift, wheelchair lift, dumbwaiter, or home elevator, our team of mobility specialists is here to positively impact your daily life.

See how a lift can uplift your quality of life and help you enjoy your home the way you always have. Reach out to us today for a free in-home assessment, and experience the freedom to move again. Call us at (866) 271-5388, or visit our showroom in Wisconsin.

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