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There are a number of different facets to take into consideration if you are having stair lifts or home elevators installed in your home in Des Plaines IL. First of all, you want to make sure that the product itself is of the highest possible quality, and your stair chair or residential elevator should be backed by a reliable warranty. Clearly, you want to work with a stair lift or home elevator manufacturer that is willing to stand behind its work.

The mobility professionals at DME Elevators & Lifts are with you, and we are deeply committed to quality on every conceivable level. We source our home elevators and wheelchair lifts from the industry leader Symmetry and our inclined platform lifts from the highly respected Savaria.

We founded DME Elevators and Lifts back in 1977, and we have been in business for 4 decades. Our longevity says a lot about the way that our Des Plaines, IL stair lift and home elevator customers feel about our work. Over the years, we have been able to do a lot of research. Our goal is to identify the most reliable, cost-efficient lifts that are available anywhere.  In regards to our stairlifts, we have concluded that Stannah and Bruno sit at the pinnacle of stair climber excellence. When you purchase a chairlift that has one of their names on it, you can go forward with full confidence, because you have the stamp of stair chair excellence behind you.

Des Plaines, IL Wheelchair Lifts and Home Elevators

In some cases, a stair lift is going to be appropriate. However, a wheelchair lift, also known as a vertical platform lift, may be the right choice instead and we can provide these solutions as well. Our advisors will help you make that decision by offering a no-charge in-home assessment and providing you with various options to suit your needs and budget.  Of course, a person using a wheelchair could opt for a residential elevator, and as we have stated, we are home elevator, installation experts. People who are not facing any mobility challenges at the present time can also benefit from installing a home elevator. You’re increasing the value of your home and also providing a solution that allows you and your loved ones to age in place. Ultimately, the residential elevator is an investment in your home & lifestyle.

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