Stairlift Rental Chicago, IL

A Temporary Solution when the Situation is Temporary

If you live in a home that has several flights of stairs that are vertical or winding in nature it might be difficult for some people to navigate these stairs.  If you’ve got an injured athlete that needs to stay off their feet, someone who’s recovering from a car accident and is temporarily wheelchair bound or an older relative living with you for a short time, you might need to consider a stairlift rental for your Chicago, IL home from DME Elevators & Lifts.

With the rental process of a stairlift this team will come out and see what your home offers to evaluate whether your home can handle the stairlift rental items they have.  In most cases it’s easy to have one of these items installed in your Chicago, IL home temporarily so that your injured or elderly resident can move about your home with ease.  The team at DME Elevators & Lifts can make it easy for you to offer this mobility to those in your home who need it by installing the right lift for your home during the time needed.

The benefit of a stairlift rental for your Chicago, IL home is the installation is done in a way to ensure no permanent changes are made to your home.  When the rental period has ended DME Elevators & Lifts will remove the lift from your home and you won’t even notice it had been there in the first place.  Having this item in your home is a great way to show that you care about those living with you and their ability to move around your home.  Let everyone have the access needed with a stairlift rental in your home.

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