DME Lift Offers Competitive Pricing On: LULA Elevators, Commercial Elevators in Illinois

An Elevator Can Make the Difference


If you’re searching for a better solution to bring your child, parent or other family member that’s in a

wheelchair the accessibility they need, you should consider a LULA elevator system for your Illinois

home. This is a system that offers you the access and ability to make your way to whatever floor of your

home that you need to get to in order to provide that access for your family member in the wheelchair.

DME Elevators & Lifts has the solution you’re looking for to provide the lift that’s needed.


A LULA elevator can be the perfect solution for you. These cars and fixtures can blend in with the

current décor of your Illinois home and appear as if they’ve been there since the home was built. DME

Elevators & Lifts has been providing the upward mobility solutions needed to residents in Illinois since

1977 to make sure you can have the right lift for your home that will also function as a the ride and

accessibility your family member needs. Even if you need to ride up and down with them, these lifts are

made to carry the load for you.


While not as large as a commercial elevator, a LULA elevator is the perfect solution when you have

someone that needs to be able to take their chair to the top floor. DME Elevators & Lifts will install a

LULA elevator in your Illinois home and make sure you are satisfied with it and its serviced properly to

ensure this lift can provide you with years of worry free operation. Contact DME today and let them

provide you with the mobility solution you’re looking for to give your family member the movement the

need to enjoy.


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