DME Offers Amazing Pricing On: Lula Elevators in Des Plaines, IL

What is a LULA Elevator?


While it may sound like overkill to some people to have an elevator installed in your home, the benefits

of a LULA elevator make it possible for you to have the ride you want and the equipment you need right

at home. A LULA elevator can be put into your Des Plaines home by the team at DME Elevators & Lifts

to make sure you have the ability to move from one floor to another and have the stops you need along

the way in your home.


LULA stands for Limited Use/Limited Access which means this type of elevator doesn’t need to travel a

great distance or have the capacity of a large commercial elevator. This the perfect type of elevator

system for your Des Plaines home to make it easier than ever for you to have the accessibility you need

to the various floors of your home. Because these elevators can be setup with multiple stops, if you

have a landing area or short stair stop along the way, you can make it and know the elevator can be

programmed to function this way.


DME Elevators & Lifts has provided LULA elevators to many Des Plaines homes over their forty years in

business. These elevators are perfect to provide in home solutions that don’t requires a ton of extra

space when installed. While commercial systems need an entire room for the engine and equipment

uses, a LULA elevator doesn’t need as complex a structure to support it and in many cases won’t need

and extra room or too much space to have the function that’s needed. If you think this would be the

right solution for you, contact DME today and let them show you what’s available.


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