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Prepare Your Home for an Aging Family Member


When you have a parent, grandparent or other family member that needs to move in with you to be

cared for you may need to prepare your home for them. Other than providing them with a bedroom,

you need to make sure they can have the mobility solutions needed in your home. This means installing

a stairlift in your Elgin, IL home when you have a family member moving in that isn’t able to handle

stairs well at all and will need to have this lift to make it to their room on a daily basis.


Unless you want to transform one of your downstairs living spaces into a bedroom, the team you need is

DME Elevators & Lifts. This team of experts will install the stairlift that’s perfect for your Elgin, IL home

and make sure you can offer your aging family member the mobility solution they need. No matter the

type of stairs you have, this is the company you want to bring you the lift needed and have the right

equipment in your home to make your new housemate comfortable at home.


In most cases, the family member moving in will be a parent or grandparent who took care of you and

made you their world as you grew up. Now its your turn to show them how much you care by installing

a stairlift in your Elgin, IL home to make it easier for them to make it to their bedroom and the bathroom

whenever they need to. Give DME Elevators & Lifts a call and let them show you how easily they can

turn your stairs into a mobility solution your aging family member will enjoy during every day use.

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