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When you know someone who can use a stair chair lift to allow them the ability to reach the second

floor of their home in Arlington Heights, IL you should suggest DME Elevators & Lifts. With this company

your friend or family member will quickly enjoy the benefit of a great lift to make it up the stairs on a

daily basis to ensure they can still enjoy their home and the benefits of having a second floor where the

bedroom and bathroom are located.


DME Elevators & Lifts can offer a variety of products that will make it easy for your friend or family

member to have the stair chair lift in their Arlington Heights, IL home that allows them to continue to

enjoy the wonderful aspects of living in the home they have loved for many years. With one of these

lifts from DME, your friend will thank you for suggesting this great company full if experts that offer the

solutions that can be perfect for them to be able to ride up and down the stairs rather than contesting

with the pain that comes from using the stairs.


When your family and friends choose DME Elevators & Lifts they are choosing a company that’s been

helping provide the solutions needed since 1977. This is a company that has the expertise and the

service to make having a stair chair lift in an Arlington Heights, IL home easy to enjoy for your friends.

Help make lives easier with the benefit of a great chair lift in the homes of your family from DME which

makes it easy to enjoy the ride up and down the stairs on a chair lift daily.


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