DME Lift Provides: LULA Elevators, LULA Commercial Elevators in Indianapolis, IN

Older Homes, Newer Solutions

If your family is one that has enjoyed having a house in the family that’s passed down from generation

to generation, it’s likely and older style farmhouse that has a typical floorplan. These typical plans had

the bedrooms and bathrooms on the upper floors of the home, but that can be a challenge when you

get older and can’t climb stairs as easily. If you need a small elevator installed in your home, a LULA

elevator system can be the perfect solution for your Indianapolis, IN home.


The LULA elevator stands for Limited Use/Limited Access which means the elevator is only being used a

few times each day and only needs to travel a short distance. If you have a home in Indianapolis, IN that

has a second floor and a basement, the travel distance is much shorter than in a large hotel or high rise

building. Adding one of these elevators can be the perfect way to keep living in the home you love and

the team at DME Elevators & Lifts will be happy to help you have the lift that works for you to be

installed in your home.


With a LULA elevator in your farm style Indianapolis, IN home, you’ll love the way you can get from one

floor to another without the need to use the stairs. This is especially helpful if you have to use a

wheelchair as one of these elevators is capable of giving you the ride you and your chair need. Contact

DME Elevators & Lifts today and let them show you exactly what you can have installed in your home to

have the lift you need. This team of experts can help you continue to live in and love your home with

their LULA elevator system.


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