DME Elevators & Lifts – Stair Chair Palantine


Sit Down and Take a Ride

You’ve owned your home for many years.  This is the home you’ve raised your children in and that your grandchildren have enjoyed visiting as well.  You’ve probably walked up and down the stairs of your home thousands of times over the years with multiple trips per day.  Isn’t it time you sat down and took a ride up and down your stairs instead of needing to walk them every day?  If you think so, then give the team at DME Elevator & Lifts a call and let them build a stair chair for your Palantine home.

With a stair chair attached to a pneumatic lift apparatus you can sit down and relax for the few moments it takes for the lift to reach the upper or lower floors of your home.  This can be a great experience for you as you get older.  Rather than continue to put in the thousands of trips up and down the stairs that have been part of your life for years you need to enjoy the benefits of a stair chair from DME Elevators & Lifts in your Palantine home.

This team of experts is ready to install the lift that’s right for you.  They can offer you their expertise of over forty years in the business of making it easier to reach the levels of your home you need to gain access to.  While you might still be able to walk up and down the stairs, as you’ve gotten older it’s gotten harder, let a stair chair do this work for you from now on.  DME Elevators & Lifts can make it easier than ever to have the right lift in your Palantine home and make it easier for you.

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