DME Lift Sells: LULA Elevators, LULA Commmercial Elevators in Joliet, IL

Sometimes You Just Need and Elevator


There are times when the installation of an elevator into your home makes perfect sense. When you

have a home that has a living space on the top, third floor, while bedrooms are on the middle floor and

the utility room and garage on the bottom floor you have a lot of stairs to deal with. Imagine going up

and down those stairs to do laundry, this is a situation where you need a LULA elevator system installed

in your Joliet, IL home for the movement of items to the top floor.


Even if you are more than capable of going up and down the stairs on a daily basis, the thought of it can

make you wish you had an elevator. When this is the case, contact DME Elevators & Lifts and let them

show you the LULA elevator systems that can be installed in your Joliet, IL home. This team of experts

can show you exactly how these elevators can improve the enjoyment of your lifestyle and make it

easier than ever for you to move from the bottom to the top floor with ease.


Even if you don’t have a medical need to have a LULA elevator system, having one installed in your

Joliet, IL home can make all the difference in your enjoyment of your home on a daily basis. These

elevator systems are great for when you have guests over or need to get to the garage from the top

floor easily. DME Elevators & Lifts can make it easy for you to have the right way to get up and down

the different floors of your home and have the enjoyment of a home with three levels that you want to



What Our Customers Are Saying About DME Elevators & Lifts

  • "I am thrilled to pieces and very grateful for our new stair-lift."

    -Judy L.
    Warrenville, IL

  • "The installation went smoothly and wonderful!  He was in and he was out – and he explained everything to me."

    -Tony C.
    Westmont, IL

  • "Today I got the new love of my life...your Stannah stair-lift, thank you. I have gone up and down twice today, and each time I had enough breath and stamina to do what I went up or down with do in the first place!"

    -Roberta L.
    Lake Geneva, WI

  • "Wonderful! I was very impressed from start to finish. I could not have been treated more kindly."

    -Mary H.
    Palos Park, IL

  • I wanted to thank you for the great service from DME and the sense of urgency placed in making my father's life easier.  Five Stars!!!!!!

    -Mike K.
    Chicago, IL

  • "I wanted to compliment your team. Your service is exemplary. I am a 7 year elevator customer and it has been phenomenal. Thanks for the great work!"

    -Scott M.
    Winfield, IL

  • "I appreciated their honesty and openness. DME was always there when we needed them."

    -Constance T.
    Chicago, IL

  • "I have already recommended DME to a friend. After talking to several companies, thought you were the best!"

    -Virginia T.
    Arlington Heights, IL