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Vasari Garage Car Lift

Garage Vehicle Lift

Subterranean parking lifts are designed to provide parking and/or storage for two full sized cars or SUVs by vertically stacking them within the same footprint. This underground car lift parking system lowers one vehicle to a lower elevation (basement, pit, etc.) for storage and security. Once lowered, a second vehicle can be driven onto a second, upper "canopy" platform, which has occupied the floor opening at street or grade level.

Garage Lift Benefits - Beyond Added Storage
Beyond maximizing space, the Vasari Garage Parking Lift provides a number of benefits:

  • Security - Your family vehicle, or collection of vehicles, is secure below grade in a subterranean pit or basement area. A key switch, or digital security keypad, prevents unauthorized use of the lift.

  • Safety - Your family's safety is our #1 concern. Every parking lift is designed and manufactured to nationally-recognized safety standards, and we offer a wide variety of added safety options - depending on your floor plan.

  • Quality - We provide you with the same attention to detail and the same rigorous quality assurance processes we provide to our largest commercial customers - and we back up our products with the BEST warranty in the industry.

  • Peace of Mind - All car lifts are NOT created equal! Our vehicle lifts are designed and built in the USA with the best materials available to provide many years of trouble-free and dependable service

  • Factory Support - Because our parking lifts are manufactured and serviced within the United States - and not made in some other country and merely marketed in the US - you have a friend at the factory ready to give you full customer service.

  • Adaptability - Our lifting experts can help you select one of a variety of standard or custom subterranean lift parking solutions to design the parking lift to fit your homes design, NOT your homes design to fit the parking lift.

Safety – Our #1 Concern
Every aspect of the design and operation of the Parking lifts has been evaluated understanding these lifts will be installed in or near your living space and in the vicinity of the people you love. This perspective has driven us to not only provide the highest quality lift in the industry, but more importantly – to offer our customers the safest automotive lift in the world. Not only does the VASARI lift to meet requirements of all applicable, nationally Recognized Equipment Safety Standards, we also take it a few steps further.

  • CPSA Compliant – The VASARI parking lift also meets the requirements of the Consumer Product Safety Act (CPSA).

  • Latest Technology – The latest in 3-Dimensional Solid Modeling design software had been used to conduct stress analysis and ensure factors of safety for all critical lift components.

  • Added  Safety Features – The VASARI parking lift includes a minimum of TEN standard safety features (listed below) – more than what is required by any standard, and more than what is included by any competitor.

  • Cycle Testing – The VASARI lift design has been placed through a rigorous battery of performance and longevity tests – simulating up to 3 years of daily use.

Standard Safety Features

  • Digital Security Keypad Panel - The Digital Security Keypad provides keyless security and a means to change codes to ensure that operation of the lift is limited to authorized user only. Designed to be used in tandem with a manual key switch station.

  • Emergency Stop “Panic” Push Button Station - This Panic Station is typically located in areas outside the operators line of sight to immediately stop the operation of the lift when pressed by standers-by. The “E-Stop” button must be reset manually before lift operation can resume.

  • Lift in Motion Audible Alarm - The Lift in Motion Alarms are placed in the lift area(s) to provide an audible warning that the lift is about to move or is moving, so that bystanders can stand clear and prevent any inadvertent contact with the equipment.

  • Motion Detection - These dual technology motion sensors with adjustable ranges, are mounted to the ceiling above and around the lift perimeter(s), typically outside the operators line of sight. The VASARI automotive lift will cease to operate if motion is detected.

  • Surveillance Camera - The Surveillance Camera is typically pointed to the area beneath the lift at the lower level and out of the operators line of sight. The Camera is wireless and uses either infra-red or available lighting to help the operator recognize potential interferences during lift movement. The surveillance viewing monitor is located near the operator pushbutton station. 

  • Constant Pressure Pushbutton Station - The constant pressure Operator Push button Station requires that the operator depress the UP or DOWN button throughout the lifts travel, bringing the VASARI automotive lift to an immediate stop whenever the button is released for safety, interference, or other operational concern.

  • Security Key Switch Station - The security key switch adds a primary level of protection against unauthorized operation of the lift. The VASARI car lift cannot operate without the key in place and turned on. Designed to be used in tandem with a digital keyboard.

  • Free-Fall Arrest Devices - Also known as “velocity fuses”, the Free-Fall Arrest Devices are attached directly to each of the lifting cylinders and prevent the lift from a “Free-Fall” in the unlikely event of hydraulic failure. 

  • Beveled Toe Guard System - This Platform Perimeter Protection System is a mechanical feature mounted to the underside perimeter of the lift platform. This system is intended to push away, rather than pinch, a show that may be overhanging a landing by up to 4”. Many competitive designs do not provide this minimal level of toe protection.

  • 18” Clear Space Beneath Entire Lift - The lift maintains up to 18” of completely clear crawl space beneath the entire lower deck for personnel safety during operation and maintenance. This mechanical feature is unique to the 4-Post style subterranean lifts.

Product Brochures and Design Guides
Feel free to reference the Vasari product brochure and design guides for more information

To receive a more comprehensive overview or simply to ask questions, please contact us directly or provide us some information and we’ll contact you.
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